Kenya's Premier Real Estate Investment Firm

Our company is at the heart of this transformative journey, contributing to and
shaping the region's real estate landscape.

Our Investment Approach

At OTTMAN, we are a forward-thinking Investment Company with a core focus on the real estate sector. Our expansive portfolio spans the entire spectrum of real estate ventures, encompassing property development and construction within Kenya and the broader African region.

Central to our ethos is a deep commitment to understanding each client's unique needs and challenges. This client-centric focus ensures we provide tailored guidance, seamlessly leading our clients to make informed and successful real estate investments.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Value

To establish OTTMAN as the foremost investment authority in the region, specializing in real estate and driven by a deep market understanding and predictive expertise.

Our vision is to pioneer and revolutionize real estate investment and management. At OTTMAN, we aspire to be the benchmark for excellence in the industry, continually advancing our practices to align with the highest standards of innovation and integrity. We are committed to shaping the future of real estate investments, empowering our clients with expert guidance and successful outcomes.

Ottman Core Values

At OTTMAN, integrity is the cornerstone of our interactions and decisions, ensuring honesty and ethical practices in every aspect of our business.